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Protecting Seniors Suffering From Elder Abuse

At the Law Offices of Deborah S. Ball, we advocate for multiple facets of our clients’ welfare, including their mental, physical, emotional and financial well-being. If you suspect that your elderly loved one is a victim of elder abuse, you can rely on our legal team to take the appropriate steps to hold responsible parties liable for their actions.

Our principal lawyer, Deborah S. Ball, draws on her background as New York prosecutor to establish a strong case for seniors suffering from neglect, exploitation or abuse. Although she has represented thousands of clients over the course of her legal career, she understands that no two cases are the same. Attorney Ball personally handles all elder law matters with compassion so that you have the support you need during a difficult time.

A Trustworthy Ally In And Out Of Court

Elder abuse can occur in long-term care facilities and within the senior’s home. Seniors can suffer abuse from their live-in care takers, residential staff members, guardians or family members.

As seniors age, their mental and physical decline can make them susceptible to a range of abuse that includes:

  • Theft and financial exploitation
  • Sexual and physical abuse
  • Emotional and psychological abuse, including verbal and nonverbal abuse
  • Neglect due to the caregiver’s refusal to fulfill duties or inability to fulfill responsibilities
  • Abandonment

When you consult with us, we will give you ample time to share your story and voice your concerns. We will study events surrounding your case and determine the most appropriate course of action to pursue based on your loved one’s circumstances.

As your advocate, attorney Ball will investigate your claims discretely and help you notify the proper protective agencies. If you choose to file a claim in court, Deborah S. Ball will take care to resolve matters efficiently to reduce the impact legal action has on your loved one and your family. Drawing from her extensive trial experience, Ms. Ball creates compelling arguments that resonate with juries and judges.

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