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Protect Your Assets With Intelligent Estate Planning

The foundational consideration in estate planning is asset protection. There are countless pitfalls and dangers in passing on wealth that require legal knowledge, experience and skill. A sloppy or ill-conceived estate plan could waste thousands of dollars needlessly.

With more than 20 years of legal experience and 15 years focusing on estate and probate issues for clients throughout New York's metropolitan area, including Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, asset protection lawyer Deborah S. Ball has the experience and skill to help you create an efficient estate plan and long-term care plan that minimizes tax consequences and prevents you from losing important government benefits.

The Law Offices of Deborah S. Ball represents clients for all manner of simple estate plans, handling issues that include:

Although there are always some tax consequences and other costs associated with estate planning, Attorney Ball and her staff can help you pass on wealth and plan for the future in a way that protects your assets from unnecessary depletion. Through trusts, well-planned gifting and maximization of available exemptions, you can protect your assets while providing for your family's future.

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